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The nwsbot is a computer program that provides text summaries and web links to a number of products issued by the NWS.

NWSBot Products + Channels Information

This information is current as of 7 Oct 2013.

NWSBot routes summaries of NWS issued text products into named channels. These channels may be simply thought of as a collection of similiar products. Chatrooms can be dynamically configured to subscribe to these channels via in-room administrative commands directed at the nwsbot user.

Products and Their Channel Names

The following table provides the channel name used for each product. The "XXX" in the listing represents the call sign of the issuing office without the leading K or P. For example, Topeka Kansas is TOP. If the channel name is only XXX, it is a part of the standard suite of products for that office and can not be disabled on an individual basis. Eventually, most all products will be placed into their own channels.

If the string "ZZZ" is used, this denotes the channel identifier uses the AFOS PIL found within the product. This is done to support some products that use a AFOS PIL that have a three character identifier that does not match the WMO header product source. For example, the Des Moines Iowa NWS office (DMX) issues a Record Event Report (RER) for Waterloo, Iowa. The AFOS PIL for this product is RERALO, so that is the channel ID used and not RERDMX.

H-VTEC and P-VTEC Products
XXX and CFWXXXCFW - Coastal Hazzard Message
XXX and EWWXXXEWW - Eye Wall Warning
XXX and FFAXXXFFA - Areal Flood Watch
XXX and FFSXXXFFS - Flash Flood Statement
XXX and FFWXXXFFW - Flash Flood Warning
XXX and FLSXXXFLS - Flood Statement
XXX and FLWXXXFLW - Flood Warning
XXX and FWWXXXFWW - Fire Weather Warning
XXX and HLSXXXHLS - Hurricane Local Statement
XXX and MWSXXXMWS - Marine Weather Statement
MWWXXXMWW - Marine Weather Warning : This product does not default to the XXX channel like many other VTEC products due to the noisey nature of this product. Consider the listing below of per VTEC phenomena and significance channels for this product. For example, SC.Y.XXX for small craft advisories. 10-3
XXX and NPWXXXNPW - Non-Precipitating Warning
RFWXXXRFW - Red Flag Warning
XXX and SMWXXXSMW - Special Marine Warning
XXX and SVRXXXSVR - Severe Thunderstorm Warning
XXX and SVSXXXSVS - Severe Weather Statement
XXX and TCVXXXTCV - Hurricane Product
XXX and TORXXXTOR - Tornado Warning
XXX and TSUXXXTSU - Tsunami Watch/Warning
XXX and WCNXXXWCN - Watch by County
XXX and WSWXXXWSW - Winter Weather Warning
PP.SSpecial Channel for all VTEC products
grouped by phenomena.significance (example: TO.W tornado warnings)
PP.S.UGCVTEC product for a given UGC (county/zone)
phenomena.significance.ugc (example: TO.W.CAC071 tornado warnings for San Bernardino County)
PP.S.XXXVTEC product for a given WFO
phenomena.significance.ugc (example: TO.W.SGX tornado warnings for San Diego)
UGCAll VTEC products for a given UGC (county/zone)
(example: CAC071 All VTEC products for San Bernardino County)
Local Office Products
ADAXXXADA - Administrative Message
ADMXXXADM - Administrative Message
XXX and ADRstADR - Administrative Message
AFD - Area Forecast Discussion
actual AFD content is presented in channels based on the title header for each AFD section (spaces replaced by underscores). Example) AFDXXX.FIRE_WEATHER
AQIXXXAQI - Ground Level Ozone Forecast
AWUXXXAWU - Area Weather Update
AWWXXXAWW - Airport Weather Warning
AVAXXXAVA - Avalanche Watch
XXXAVW - Avalanche Warning
XXXAQA - Air Quality Alert
XXX and CAEstCAE - Child Amber Alert (a channel per state)
XXXCDW - Civil Danger Warning
XXXCEM - Civil Emergency Message
CGRXXXCGR - Coastal Weather Observations
CLIYYYCLI - Daily Climate Report, not the YYY used is from the AFOS PIL and not the WMO header.
WMOID#.KXXXCWA - Center Weather Advisory (CWA)
CWFXXXCWF - Coastal Waters Forecast
XXXDGT - Drought Statement
DSAATDSA - Tropical Distrubance Statement
ESFXXXESF - Hydrological Outlook
EQIXXXEQIAT1 - Earthquake Statement
XXXEQR - Earthquake Report
XXXEQW - Earthquake Warning
XXXEVI - Evacuation Immediate
XXXFFW - Flash Flood Warning (non H-VTEC)
XXXFRW - Fire Warning
FTMrad and FTMXXXFTM - Free Text Message, where "rad" is the RADAR identifier if it is used in the AFOS PIL, the issuing center is available as well.
FWAXXXFWA - Fire Weather Administrative Message
FWFXXXFWF - Fire Weather Planning Forecast
FWSXXXFWS - Fire Weather Spot Forecast
GLFXXGLF - Open Lake Forecast
XXXHLS - Hurricane Local Statement
HCMXXXHCM - Hydrological Coordination Message
HMDXXXHMD - Hydrometeorlogical Discussion
XXXHMW - Hazardous Materials Warning
HPAXXXHPA - High Pollution Advisory
HWOXXX or HWOXXX.NONEHWO - Hazardous Weather Outlook , if both day 1 and days 2-7 call for no widespread severe (10-517 4.3.3e), then it goes to the .NONE channel 10-517
HYDXXXHYD - Supplementary Temp and Precip
ICEXXXICE - Ice Outlook 10-330
XXXLAE - Local Area Emergency
LCOXXXLCO - Local Climatological Observation
XXXLEW - Law Enforcement Warning
LSRXXXLSR - Local Storm Report
LSR.ALLLSR - Local Storm Report (all nationwide)
LSR.-----LSR - Local Storm Report by report type, replace spaces with underscores
WMOID#.KXXXMIS - Information Statement (CWSU)
NSHXXXNSH - Nearshore Marine Forecast
XXXNUW - Nuclear Power Plant Warning
OAVXXXOAV - Other Aviation Product
OMRXXXOMR - Other Marine Reports
PFMXXXPFM - Point Forecast Matrices
PNSXXXPNS - Public Information Statement
XXXPSH - Post Hurricane Report
QPSXXXQPS - Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
RERYYYRER - Record Event Report, note the YYY used is from the AFOS PIL and not the WMO header.
RECXXXREC - Recreational Forecast
RRMXXXRRM - Rainfall Storm Total
XXXRHW - Radiological Hazard Warning
RFDXXXRFD - Grassland Fire Danger
RTPXXXRTP - Regional Temp and Precip
RVAXXXRVA - Hydrologic Summary
RVDXXXRVD - River and Lake Summary 10-923
XXX and RVFXXX and RVF.NWSLI RVF - Deterministic Hydrologic Forecast : These products are available in three channel types, first is based on the WMO center ID, the second is based on the AFOS PIL and the third uses the NWSLI for the forecast point. 10-912
RVSXXXRVS - Hydrologic Statement
RWSXXXRWS - Regional Weather Summary
SFTXXXSFT - State Forecast Tabular Product
SMFXXXSMF - Smoke Management Weather Forecast
SPSXXXSPS - Special Weather Statement
SRFXXXSRF - Surf Zone Forecast
XXXSPW - Shelter in Place
TAFXXXTAF - Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
TIBXXXTIB - Tsunami Information Statement
TIDXXXTID - Tidal Data10-320
XXXTOE - Telephone Outage Emergency
WNDXXX[1]Automated ASOS/AWOS Wind Gusts (50+ kts)
WSVXXXWSV - Volcanic Ask Sigmet
WS#WS[1-6] - Non Convective Sigmet 10-811
XXXVAA - Volcanic Ash Advisory
XXXVOW - Volcano Warning
WRKXXXWRK - Work Product
ZFPXXXZFP - Zone Forecast Product
National Hurricane Center Products
URNT12.KNHCVortex Data Message
TCD(AT|EP) and TCD(AT|EP)#Tropical Discussion (TCD)
TCM(AT|EP) and TCM(AT|EP)#Tropical Storm Advisory/Discussion (TCM)
TCP(AT|EP) and TCP(AT|EP)#Tropical Advisory (TCP)
TCU(AT|EP) and TCU(AT|EP)#Tropical Cyclone Update (TCU)
TWOAT and TWOEPTropical Weather Outlook (TWO)
Storm Prediction Center Products
XXXConvective Watches (SEL) routed spatially to WFO and CWSU rooms
SWOMCD.XXX and SWOMCD Mesoscale Discussions (SWOMCD) based on attention WFO, RFC line and spatially routed to CWSU rooms
XXXDay1 Convective Outlook (SWODY1)
DAY1TSTM.XXXDay1 Convective Outlook [General Thunder Outlook] (SWODY1) * only if area is also not under slight or higher risk
DY1FWXXXXDay1 - Fire Outlooks from SPC
DY2FWXXXXDay2 - Fire Outlooks from SPC
Weather Prediction Center Products
FFGMPD.XXX and FFGMPD Mesoscale Precipitation Discussion (FFGMPD) based on attention WFO, RFC line and spatially routed to CWSU rooms
National Center Products, routed spatially
QPFERD.XXX and QPFERDHydrometeorological Prediction Center Excessive Rainfall Discussion
XXXSPENES - NESDIS Satellite Precipitation Discussion
SPOTTERNETWORK and SN.XXXSpotterNetwork Reports
Special Website Syndication Channels
GCAST.XXXGraphicast Posted to the Website
NEWS.XXXTop News Posted to the Website
Aviation Products
UA.XXX and UA.PIREPRoutine Pilot Reports (PIREPS)
UUA.XXX and UUA.PIREPUrgent Pilot Reports (PIREPS)
Non-AFOS Products (CWSU, Canadian, etc)
Please contact NWSChat Admin Team if you have other WMO Codes you would like to see added.

1 The "WND" channel is special in that when automated ASOS and AWOS stations gust to 50 knots or greater, an alert is sent to the channel WNDXXX (where XXX is the Weather Forecast Office call letters, not ASOS call sign).

Automated Error Reporting

NWSBot will relay error messages to the appropriate channels when any of these processing failures occur:

These error messages can be followed in the "errors" chatroom on NWSChat.

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